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SolarWinds AppOptics Simplifies Application Performance Management with Industry-First Approach


New service- and trace-level root cause analysis empowers technology professionals with actionable insights, removing troubleshooting guesswork and reducing the complexity of APM

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced updates to its SaaS-based infrastructure and application performance monitoring (APM) solution, AppOptics, making application troubleshooting simpler, faster, and more accurate. With new service- and trace-level root cause analysis functionality and insights, AppOptics helps further reduce the complexity of APM and lower the barrier of adoption for technology professionals.

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The new service-level root cause analysis summary in SolarWinds AppOptics aims to answer whether the service is behaving normally and, if not, what’s the underlying issue. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The new service-level root cause analysis summary in SolarWinds AppOptics aims to answer whether the service is behaving normally and, if not, what’s the underlying issue. (Graphic: Business Wire)

AppOptics delivers full-stack infrastructure and application performance monitoring for hybrid and cloud environments with precise metrics down to the transaction level. The new service- and trace-level root cause analysis functionality and dashboards with actionable insights differentiate AppOptics in the APM market by going beyond charts and data and telling tech pros exactly where and when application issues arise regardless of application architecture—traditional on-premises monolithic, N-tier service-oriented, and microservices-based—simplifying the complexity of APM and freeing up troubleshooting time, so they can quickly resolve performance issues and focus on innovating the end-user experience.

“The ability to decode APM data to troubleshoot an application has required skills that ultimately leave much of the analysis and problem-solving to individual interpretation that eats up a significant amount of time and resources,” said Jim Hansen, vice president of products, application management, SolarWinds. “With the AppOptics service- and trace-level root analysis updates, we’re removing that barrier by doing the heavy lifting of showing and explaining what the problem is within an easy-to-understand dashboard. SolarWinds is helping more tech pros, who may still be cultivating deeper APM expertise, implement the tenets of APM strategies—deepening our commitment to empower tech pros with easy to use, powerful, and affordable tools that they need today.”

The SolarWinds Cloud Confessions 2020 survey revealed two-fifths of tech pro respondents face challenges due to lack of awareness of what APM solutions are currently offered and confusion over which currently offered APM solutions are best for their needs (respectively). Additionally, many tools on the market today are highly complex. For example, the average user accessing a typical APM dashboard to explore the performance of a service is often presented with an overwhelming amount of data such as metrics like p95/p99 response time percentiles. Many tech pros—both generalists and those who are managing unfamiliar applications—often don’t have the knowledge base or time to decode what a response time percentile is or whether it’s indicative of a larger problem needing to be addressed. This latest AppOptics release is designed to reduce APM complexity by taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting with clear, concise insights.

Service-level root cause analysis helps simplify the process of application troubleshooting by surfacing and clearly communicating the relevant performance changes and anomalies in layman’s terms, such as flagging a specific service experienced a 20 percent slowdown at the database layer as compared to the week prior. This simplification reduces the number of steps and clicks required to identify the specific performance problem or issue and ultimately speed time to resolution. For customers seeking deeper visibility into the performance of specific requests, the new AppOptics trace-level root cause analysis similarly provides the necessary clarity for tech pros to drill down into application metrics and have code-level visibility into performance issues with speed and accuracy.

For those starting their APM journey or looking to benefit from APM in development and pre-production environments, the service- and trace-level root analysis features are also available in the full-feature AppOptics Dev Edition free tool.

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