Environmental, Social & Governance Policy

We are a leading provider of simple, powerful, and secure IT management software built to enable organizations to accelerate their digital transformation. While our core competency is end-to-end hybrid IT observability and performance management, ultimately our business is about stakeholders, and our team leads a focused effort to integrate sustainability and corporate social responsibility into SolarWinds day-to-day operations. This environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy sets forth the principles that guide how we do business and addresses the issues that matter most.

Our mission is to help customers accelerate business transformation through simple, powerful, and secure solutions designed for hybrid IT multi-cloud environments. We endeavor to be a people-first company, serving and supporting all our customers and communities, and valuing all our employees. As part of this overall mission, we focus on integrating our CARE Values (collaboration, accountability, ready, and empathy) into how we conduct business. At SolarWinds, we believe our behaviors drive outcomes, and we strive to promote an employee culture based on respect, integrity, commitment, and humility.

Our executive leadership team and our board of directors recognize the importance of these responsibilities, and we have established an internal cross-functional working group tasked with driving additional progress in initiatives that promote sustainability. We believe in focusing our efforts on where we can have the most impact. Against this backdrop, we have determined that our ESG areas of focus include:(1) Environmental Responsibility, (2) Social Impact, and (3) Governance.

Environmental Responsibility

We embed the principles of advancing a circular economy into our practices through green investments and long-term implementation of new technologies. We are devoted to operating our business in a sustainable manner and have undertaken initiatives designed to reduce our impact on the environment and to promote environmentally-friendly projects. With a view to increasing efficiency and reducing waste, we are continuing to digitize manual back-office functions. We have increased the use of e-records and e-signing technology resulting in paper waste and carbon emissions reduction; continued to migrate technology infrastructure to a cloud environment, reducing energy usage, and accordingly, our carbon footprint; and encouraged environmentally-friendly work practices by supporting reducing, reusing and recycling. SolarWinds Sustainability Culture Connectors is a community of Solarians centered around spreading eco-friendly learning, awareness, and best practices that can be implemented in our way of living in the office and at home.

Additionally, we continuously monitor and improve the operational and environmental performance of our properties including our headquarters. We engage qualified energy professionals to conduct regular third-party inspections and provide utility and financial savings information to relevant decision makers. We are also continuously researching and designing innovative ways to boost efficiency, such as utilizing high-efficiency electrical equipment, including LED and motion detector lighting, alternative energy sources, and high-efficiency HVAC units.

Social Impact

We believe in upholding the principle of human rights, worker safety, and observing fair labor practices within our organization and within our supply chain. We are committed to ensuring wellness and embracing diversity and inclusion throughout the organization. Our social initiatives are focused on a people-first model.

We have begun to transform and modernize our culture and talent management by implementing human capital management (HCM) reporting and practices to establish a foundation to enable leaders to better hire talent and manage teams. These practices include standards for setting goals, performance evaluations, succession planning, and learning and development. We are committed to pay parity and regularly review our compensation model to ensure fair and inclusive pay practices across our business.

We believe the wellness and development of our employees is paramount, and SolarWinds success is fundamentally connected with the well-being of our team members. Additionally, the health and well-being of our employees is our top priority and in recognition of this, we aim to provide a robust health and wellness package. We continually evolve our benefits plans to remain competitive and to meet the needs of our workforce to include health and medical insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, bereavement leave, standard maternity, as well as an education reimbursement. We support the wellness and well-being of our Solarians by embracing a work-life blend and fostering holistic wellness through physical, mental and emotional, cyber, intellectual, financial, and social.

A diverse and inclusive workplace begins with our core values. Our goal is to attract, retain, and develop a workforce that is diverse in background, knowledge, skill, and experience. We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities for training, compensation, transfer, promotion, and other aspects of employment for all qualified applicants and employees without regard to sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status. We foster a culture of respect and inclusion by listening, learning, and embracing uniqueness. We empower our communities internally with employee-led communities of interest groups such as Women@SolarWinds, Pride@SolarWinds, EarlyCareerProfessionals@SolarWinds, PeopleofColor@SolarWinds, and Vets@SolarWinds to have a safe space to connect, collaborate, and develop their careers.

To advance our objectives, we have increased the availability of training on topics such as anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, and unconscious bias. We conduct engagement surveys to elicit feedback from employees and are developing action plans for continuous improvement in the areas of diversity and inclusion. Employees regularly meet with supervisors to create and refine their individual development plans.

With our SolarWinds Giving program, we further contribute to advancing the SolarWinds purpose of enriching the community by giving back to our communities for sustained growth and enhancing the lives of all involved. We provide our Solarians with two SolarService days each year to volunteer their time to causes and community they care about, reward Solarians with our Dollar for Doer program and match Solarians’ donations. We are focused on making a positive impact with causes that support education, diversity, and health through SolarWinds grants, partnerships, sponsorships, and local community development.

We believe that our focus on environmental sustainability, with the objective of reducing costs and improving sustainability of our operations. will provide a strategic benefit to SolarWinds. Furthermore, we recognize that climate change is a growing risk for our planet, and we are committed to doing our part to mitigate this risk by placing increased focus and emphasis on environmental consciousness.


Our board of directors and senior leadership actively support and promote sound corporate governance and risk management across SolarWinds. This culture of accountability, integrity, and transparency affirms our unwavering commitment to building sustainable value. We have a long history of excellence in corporate governance and compliance practices, including an emphasis on accountability and authenticity in-line with our CARE values. Key ESG governance priorities include integrating ESG matters into overall governance structure and enterprise risk management; advancing cybersecurity and risk management frameworks; and proactively engaging stakeholders.

Our Code of Conduct is designed to ensure that our directors, officers, and employees comply with applicable rules and regulations. We also possess a robust Technology and Cyber Committee Charter and Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Our internal risk management team, headed by our Chief Information Security Officer, oversees compliance with applicable laws and regulations and coordinates with subject matter experts throughout the business to identify, monitor, and mitigate risk including information security risk management and cyber defense programs. These teams maintain rigorous testing programs and regularly provide updates to our leadership and board of directors. We have a robust Information Security program that incorporates multiple layers of physical, technical, and administrative controls. We leverage the latest security configurations and technologies on our systems, devices, and third-party connections, and further vet third-party vendors’ security capabilities and controls, as required, through the organization’s vendor management process.

We regularly report on our ESG endeavors to our board of directors and routinely engage with our stockholders to better understand their views on ESG matters.